Sunday, February 22, 2009

why I do this...

I have finally gained enough strength, endurance, and speed to obtain a runners high this season. I'm finding that strength training really does make me a better runner, swimmer, and rider. Of course, the therapist in me knows this, but its great to see the affects.
I ran an 8 mile run last week. I felt so good despite being very tired from lack of sleep.

I try to explain to my friends the feeling of ecstasy that I get when I'm training and racing, but I can never quite put it into words. I feel like anything and everything is achievable. I am prolific and articulate with extraordinary insight. I almost feel like I could solve the worlds problems. More importantly I am there for only me. I am not impressing anyone expect for myself.

Its good to be at that point again. I am very much looking forward to swimming and running outside again!