Monday, July 18, 2016

bumps in the road. just tiny bumps

I've sat down to write a post about my 2016 rode to Rev 3 Cedar Point full a hundred times, but couldn't find the mojo to write. There are a lot of new pieces to my training this season. I live a mere three miles from home. Things are good, really good. I love my job. I have a loving and supportive partner. I am happy. I am using Generation UCAN for my fuel and absolutely loving it! I chose Endurance Nation as my coaching company this year. And I left Team EnVision. TE was my rock in the world of triathlon for many years. They were integral in informing my first triathlon family. TE is one of the best, cohesive, supportive, and kick ass teams that exists. When I moved northwest of the city I was too far away for most of the events and sadly had to say goodbye. I've joint Northeast Multisport, though a good team, is not quite what TE is to me, but I'll give it some time. Overall I am happy with my choices and all of the change that has encompassed my training this year.

On the first week of training I threw out my SI joint (something that happens from time to time in my body). It took me about a week to recover. From week one until about a month ago things were going pretty good. My swimming and riding were coming along. A bit slower than is years past, but getting there. My running has been clicking this year. My gait and cadence are on target and I've been getting faster! I wasn't sure if I'd ever get fast again, but.....fingers crossed seems to be happening. Last week I ran a 9 min/mile off the bike and felt amazing. My longer rides have feeling easier and I am in fact getting stronger.

A month ago I was badly scratched (maybe bitten) by a friends cat. It happened so damn fast I don't know what happened. Except that it hurt. A LOT. That week following I missed some workouts (and work) or adjusted them because of the pain and inflammation in my right forearm. I recovered and actually had an amazing "BIG DAY" that following Saturday. In the last month things seem to have been clicking more. Faster. More endurance. Thinner. More muscle mass and definition. I have been gliding more during speed intervals. Been able to push harder. My heart rate zones are getting better.

And then....last Thursday my arm blew up again. It was never 100%, but I'd been able to do everything I had to do at work, home, and in training. Friday it got worse. Saturday I woke up sore and it was huge. I rode for two hours and decided that I needed to go to an urgent care center. You guessed it; the infection is back. It's worse this time. More edema and more tender to palpation in a localized spot. Activities are not as painful, however. I was warned by the MD not to be too active. No work, no swimming, no biking, no tree top adventure for three days. Or risk damage to tendons and muscle. SIGH. I've been smart over the past three days. I have mostly sat with my arm elevated, taking ibuprofen and antibiotics, and doing a warm compress. It's better, a lot better, but not nearly 100%. Tomorrow it's a run day again. I hope to bike and swim on Wednesday.

I need to be smart. I need the full function of my right arm for work AND play. As much as I want to toe the line and cross the finish line of Cedar Point full, I cannot be an idiot and risk my profession for a race. I am giving myself three weeks to get back on track. Worst case scenario I can likely bump down to the 70.3. I've never backed out of a big race, but I also need to be realistic and smart. I hope that I've built up enough and will bounce back quick enough enabling me to have a great race.

Here's to a kick ass next few weeks, rapid healing, and lots of grit.