Sunday, December 14, 2014

Snails pace build

For nearly two months I have been slowly building my strength and endurance. I have been at a level of fitness for so long I've forgotten how it feels to be this out of shape. Of course, this is a relative and compared to most I am very fit. It has been nearly 7 years that I've been able to run 7-8 miles without issue any time of the year. I am not there yet, but I am making baby steps.

Run: I am up to 4.5 miles without pain. I am still slow, averaging just under a 9:30 pace for this distance. The important thing is that it is pain free. When I do get pain it is more discomfort rather than PAIN. Part of that discomfort is my feet and ankles re-adapting to the pounding of running. I've forgotten that process. This week I completed the Dover Raid which involved run-walk in snow, ice, wet trails and pavement for a total of 13 miles. Then I ran 1 mile on the treadmill, 2.8 on road, and a 5k (Marathon Sports Jingle Bell Run). A grand total of nearly 20 miles of running and walking. I've not covered this distance since late January. My foot and medial ankle are a little angry today, but it is tolerable.

Bike: I am riding inside right now. The weather has been icky and cold. I've discovered Paincave bike workouts on line. I am feeling stronger with each week on the bike. I did one spin class and did like it. I plan to go once a week starting this coming Saturday. It will be nice to have some variety to my bike workouts. I am hoping that the weather will hover around 40 with clearish roads. That I can handle. Maybe even some trail riding! I think I need to get in for another bike fitting. There is a chance that some tweaking will help to keep my foot and ankle healthy.

Swim: I am swimming three times a week. I've gradually been building to a mile or so of stroke and free. I've been focusing on form mostly. This week I will begin to add some speed work into the mix. I hope to start going to a Masters class once a week once I'm able to easily swim for 45 min three times a week. The goal is to begin in January. For some strange reason I have fallen in love with Butterfly. I am not sure that my stroke is super pretty, but I am fairly efficient! My ability to feel the water and my movement through it is right on target right now. I have started closing my eyes every now and then to work on feeling the water and swimming in a straight line.

Strength: I am doing a long strength workout twice a week and a core workout once a week. I am feeling stronger each week. I am focusing on hip and core strength, as well as single leg balance and stability.

I have finally gotten back into a rythm of working out. For months when I've been tired I've talked myself out a workout. Part of that was being tired of "having" to do a workout for whatever race it was I was training for. Part of it was being in a new environment and living with Amy. There are more distractions now! I've forced myself to do my workouts regularly in order to get back into shape and get to that point of loving it again. There have been days when I've been tired, but the result is not a crappy workout. Instead, I've felt good and surprised myself!

I am in a good place heading into the Christmas -New Year holiday rush. I've built a solid base for the upcoming season. If I continue to be smart I feel that I will be in a great spot to be bad ass next season.

Possible race schedule 2015: Challenge Family Quassy 70.3, Mass State Oly, Westborough off road with Sun Multisport, Cranberry Oly, and maybe a late season half!

Friday, October 24, 2014

annnd that is a wrap ladies and gentleman

2014 Racing season is done. Did it ever really begin? Compared to the last 7 years the answer is no, however; this wise now slightly aged womyn says yes.

2014 started with a goal of doing my first 30 mile running race and several shorter triathlons. Some where in January I hurt my foot. I am still not 100% sure what I did but it was some sort of stress reaction that led to posterior tib tendonitis. I kinda ran, swam, biked, and kinda strength trained. I was pretty bummed that I was unable to run the way I wanted to. Instead of being smart I tried pushing through it. I did bike more and tried swimming. I had a very hard time getting into a new rythm with the new move, new location, new commute, new humans, and new mammals. NEW EVERTYTHING. For this creature of habit it was a learning curve. I finally got into a rythm and stopped sulking about not being able to run in late July. I started strength training, biking, and swimming more. Stopped running more than one mile. Took off my running hat and put on my PT hat. I now have a pair of ALINE orthotics for work and run. I am now able to run about 4 painfree miles and can even do short (2ish) back to back!

Races this season:
Groton Road Race 5k 26:45 22/102.
Pilgrimman Oly Tri relay with Becky.
Groton Trail Race 3.4 miles 35.48 47/83

In the last 60 days I have felt stronger than I have all season. I feel that I am finally in a routine. I am feeling confident that I will be in a good position to race next season. I have made myself a return to run program and a core strengthening program to get stronger! I think a big part of my foot issue stemmed from weak hips, abs, and back (what we in the PT world call core). Over the winter I will gain stability and work on slowly building my running base back. I hope to do some cross country skiing and snowshoeing to work on cardio in ways that are not biking and running.

I want to come back on fire next season. If I am smart and deligent I can do it. The 2014 season is done shortly after it started.

Things I accomplished:
I moved out of JP into Ayer with my amazing girlfriend with our little family. Into a house with a garage (bike storage!), a basement (PAINCAVE!), and a yard.
I continue to LOVE my job.
I remembered why I love triathlon so so much and how much I adore racing with Team EnVision
I learned to really ride a mountain bike. I am by no means amazing but I can do it and I don't totally freak out.
I did my first trail race.

This season did not turn out as I had planned but that is OK. Next up Turkey Trot!