Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Three plus days til Mooseman

I've logged miles on land and in water. I've put time on the hills both on cycle and run. I've improved my swim stroke, a little. Bike tuned, wetsuit bought, outfit planned, shoes polished, new handle bar tape applied. Yes folks I am ready. My muscles feel strong and my body beginning to feel rested. I am ready.
I am ready for a cool 1.2 mile open water swim. I am ready for a cool beginning of a ride. I am ready for Devil's Hill (twice). I am ready to do two loops of a challenging course. I am ready to run 13.1 miles after cycling 56 and swimming 1.2. I am ready Mooseman. I am ready for 70.3.

I will spend the new few days resting and visualizing cruising up and down hills, gliding through the water, and easing over the finish line. I am excited and nervous. I am ready.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Boston Run To Remember

Yeah! I finished the Half Marathon in 1:52:24! This is a personal record for me by 3min! I am so excited and proud of myself. My training has paid off it seems. ;) I felt strong through-out. I had some discomfort in my shins at the very end, by easily able to run through. I felt like I could have easily done it after a tough ride.

Yesterday I rode 24 miles, swam 1/2 mile at Walden, then 24 home. I was very tired from the week, but pushed through. We rode pretty slow, but I felt strong in swim.

I really do think I am ready for Mooseman Half Iron. wow can't believe I am saying this. I am scared but excited and feeling prepared. I actually feel the most prepared that I have ever felt for a big race!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

a new phase

Today I rode 40 miles followed by a .73 mile swim approx 2 hours later. I felt strong on the bike ride. It was a fairly flat ride with rolling hills. It rode most of the 40 miles sitting down trying to build strength in hamstring, relying less on quads. At the end of my ride I felt like I could go further.

Did swim drills with Cindy. Speed drills were tough. By the end my body was done.

I feel like I would be able to complete all legs on their own and confident I could do two. All three....not sure at this point. I need to start doing more brick sessions, increasing endurance.

Tomorrow am biking to track practice, doing track, then riding to Alewife and home.

After the last few days I am feeling better about my progress. The next phase is increasing endurance and speed. My current goal is 35 min swim, sub 4 cycle, and sub 2 run= Total sub 7 race.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

first endurance test

Yesterday I did a slowish 8 mile run. All body parts felt good, great even! Today I rode 20 hilly miles. I CLEARLY need to work on my hills, but I felt pretty good. I most def did not eat enough food before going out. This week I am bumping up my mileage: 30 mile ride Tuesday and a 35 miler on Saturday. I will do 1.2 in the water and a 8 mile run.

Running: feeling good with runs. Getting faster. Feeling stronger on hills.
Swim: feel great, time improving, feeling stronger and less fatigued with each mile repetition.
Bike: can easily do 20 miles, but need to bump up miles AND work on hills.

Goals for next 2 weeks: HILLS and distance.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

new training phase

Today I did my first "brick" training. I did some running speed work followed by swim technique work followed by speed work home via my feet. Despite some stomach issues I felt great. My body powered threw. My goal is to do a brick (bike-run) next week. Likely a 20 mile ride follwed by a 6 mile run...roughly half of what I will have to do for the Half Iron.

I am getting a little anxious about the Tri. I know my body will be able to handle it and I have over 2 months of training ahead but the thought of doing THAT much in one day is becoming slightly daunting. Last night I had a dream that I could not continue on with the Tri because I did not sign in that morning and did not have my anklet. I pleaded with the race officials to let me enter the next wave but they would not let me. The dream made no sense but clearly I am anxious about it. ooo boy! I am excited how my body is responding to my trianing. I am able to push myself to the next level easily. My hip is a being a bit pesky, but holding its own.

My training is ramping up now. Doing 5 days a week, with one brick training per week. ROAR! Train on !

Sunday, February 22, 2009

why I do this...

I have finally gained enough strength, endurance, and speed to obtain a runners high this season. I'm finding that strength training really does make me a better runner, swimmer, and rider. Of course, the therapist in me knows this, but its great to see the affects.
I ran an 8 mile run last week. I felt so good despite being very tired from lack of sleep.

I try to explain to my friends the feeling of ecstasy that I get when I'm training and racing, but I can never quite put it into words. I feel like anything and everything is achievable. I am prolific and articulate with extraordinary insight. I almost feel like I could solve the worlds problems. More importantly I am there for only me. I am not impressing anyone expect for myself.

Its good to be at that point again. I am very much looking forward to swimming and running outside again!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Red and Pedro

Last February my now brother in-laws brother was stabbed and killed in Chinatown. He and his brothers have a lived a tough life. They have battled poverty, drugs, alcohol, homelessness, mental, emotional, and physical abuse. My brother in law has battled through and is a fairly healthy individual now. Four days ago he became depressed and overdosed on pain killers and alcohol. Had my sister not been there he would have died. He is one of the most kind and generous people that I know. He is now hospitalized and making strides towards recovery. His brother died out of senseless violence.

I continually think about how we can end violence. How do we teach people to talk about disputes instead committing acts of violence. And who am I to tell anyone how to live. I grew up in a white house in northern New Hampshire. Sure, my life was not perfect, but I had a warm bed and loving parents.

First swim

Today I swam for the first time in months. Although I initially felt as if I had bricks on my back I quickly became fluid in the water. I only swam a little over a 1/4 of a mile but it was a start. It looks like my strength training is paying off! sweet.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

new year intentions

I decided prior to 2009 that I would not make "resolutions" this year. I am pretty happy with the way I live my life. There are some things that I would like to accomplish, however. In my hot power yoga class on New Years day the instructor asked us all to make an intention for the class and 2009. I am stealing this term and making a few 2009 intentions.

The first is to date a few people. I'm tired of being single.....I've already made a few steps towards this by joining a Triathlon team and a dating site...o boy!

I am excited about getting back into my training again. I am in the zone and focused about tri's again. And THAT has made me focused on my life again. Stop all this dwelling crap. Life I'm coming at cha! What out 2009 here I come.