Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Three plus days til Mooseman

I've logged miles on land and in water. I've put time on the hills both on cycle and run. I've improved my swim stroke, a little. Bike tuned, wetsuit bought, outfit planned, shoes polished, new handle bar tape applied. Yes folks I am ready. My muscles feel strong and my body beginning to feel rested. I am ready.
I am ready for a cool 1.2 mile open water swim. I am ready for a cool beginning of a ride. I am ready for Devil's Hill (twice). I am ready to do two loops of a challenging course. I am ready to run 13.1 miles after cycling 56 and swimming 1.2. I am ready Mooseman. I am ready for 70.3.

I will spend the new few days resting and visualizing cruising up and down hills, gliding through the water, and easing over the finish line. I am excited and nervous. I am ready.

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