Thursday, November 11, 2010

140.6 here I come!

I have officially entered my first full triathlon. As soon as I hit the submit button my stomach flipped a little! I am both excited and terrified. I truly believe that I can do this! July 30, 2011 I will compete in Full Vineman in beautiful CA. The course looks fun and challenging.

I started my base training Nov2nd. So far things are going well. Run and swim speed are pretty consistent from the end of '10 season. I have joined a Masters swim team to enhance my swimming. I am hoping that the terror will make me swim faster and make me a stornger swimmer. I have been working on expanding my swim strokes! At this point I've done one full lap of butterfly!

current time goal: 1:20 swim, 6.5 hour ride, 4:30 marathon---crazy??? Maybe.
Until next time.

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