Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Challenges of training in Boston

I have reached the 6 months out of the big day! I can easily ride inside for two hours and can run for 80 minutes no problem.

The big news of the month is that I swam 2925 yards in 60 minutes, stopping only twice, and doing a 100 yard cool down. 3125 yards (thats 1.8 miles for those of you who don't know). My swimming has reached new levels. I feel stronger and am faster. More importantly I am more confident. I am certain that I can swim 2. 4 miles in 6 months. My lofty goal of completing it in 70 minutes may actually be a reality! I actually like (maybe even love) swimming.

Boston is covered-buried in snow. We have 5-6 feet snow banks and treacherous sidewalks at times. In one week I ran outside only once. I am biking on a trainer. Swimming in a pool. And largely running on a treadmill. When I run outside it is inconsistent and involves a lot of stopping. There are days when I don't want train because of the weather. I am grumpy because I am not spending enough time outside, breathing fresh air.

I love triathlon and love training. I love that way I feel after a hard workout. I love the accomplishments in training, that feeling I get when I reach a new milestone. I love what my training has done to my body. My muscles are toned and strong. I am fit and healthy. My resting heart rate is crazy low. I can sprint up stairs without thinking. I can sprint to get a bus with ease. I want these things back.

Winter is adding a challenge to my training, one I did not anticipate or plan for. I'd hope to ride and definitely run outside all winter. It never occurred to me that I would have to do treadmill runs, not in Boston. Extreme temperatures-bring it on. Dark early morning or late evening runs, rides, or swim-bring it sucker. Hill repeats and speed work-love it. Risking my life to run 45 minutes---undue stress. I know that the weather will soon change, the snow will melt, and the sun will shine once more. And soon I will obtain euphoria on my workouts.

For now I relish the good moments of training and those precious moments I can spend outside, training; the way I love.