Tuesday, April 7, 2009

a new phase

Today I rode 40 miles followed by a .73 mile swim approx 2 hours later. I felt strong on the bike ride. It was a fairly flat ride with rolling hills. It rode most of the 40 miles sitting down trying to build strength in hamstring, relying less on quads. At the end of my ride I felt like I could go further.

Did swim drills with Cindy. Speed drills were tough. By the end my body was done.

I feel like I would be able to complete all legs on their own and confident I could do two. All three....not sure at this point. I need to start doing more brick sessions, increasing endurance.

Tomorrow am biking to track practice, doing track, then riding to Alewife and home.

After the last few days I am feeling better about my progress. The next phase is increasing endurance and speed. My current goal is 35 min swim, sub 4 cycle, and sub 2 run= Total sub 7 race.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

first endurance test

Yesterday I did a slowish 8 mile run. All body parts felt good, great even! Today I rode 20 hilly miles. I CLEARLY need to work on my hills, but I felt pretty good. I most def did not eat enough food before going out. This week I am bumping up my mileage: 30 mile ride Tuesday and a 35 miler on Saturday. I will do 1.2 in the water and a 8 mile run.

Running: feeling good with runs. Getting faster. Feeling stronger on hills.
Swim: feel great, time improving, feeling stronger and less fatigued with each mile repetition.
Bike: can easily do 20 miles, but need to bump up miles AND work on hills.

Goals for next 2 weeks: HILLS and distance.