Sunday, April 5, 2009

first endurance test

Yesterday I did a slowish 8 mile run. All body parts felt good, great even! Today I rode 20 hilly miles. I CLEARLY need to work on my hills, but I felt pretty good. I most def did not eat enough food before going out. This week I am bumping up my mileage: 30 mile ride Tuesday and a 35 miler on Saturday. I will do 1.2 in the water and a 8 mile run.

Running: feeling good with runs. Getting faster. Feeling stronger on hills.
Swim: feel great, time improving, feeling stronger and less fatigued with each mile repetition.
Bike: can easily do 20 miles, but need to bump up miles AND work on hills.

Goals for next 2 weeks: HILLS and distance.

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