Wednesday, January 18, 2017

2017 Racing Season is on !

I am three weeks into my official training season. This years racing schedule: Patriot 70.3, Cranberry Oly, and Cranberry sprint.I may also do a fun century with Charles River Wheelman. I am feeling good and am excited about this season.

I have joined Endurance Nation for the second year. I was pleased with my progress and there coaching last year for Cedar Point. This year I joined as a member instead of a flat plan. It is nice having feedback from the coaches and encouragement from other members. Locally I plan to rejoin Northeast Multisport and join Wheelworks tri club. I am also a member of Squannacook River Runners and a masters team in Groton. I am also a sponsored athlete thru Team Trisports. I have a lot of club affiliation this year! It is an honor to race and train with so many great athletes!

I am working on the outseason plan with EN right now. It focuses on run and bike endurance and a bit of speed. I am really liking the plan so far. It does not have any planned swim, though it is optional, until about week 10. Instead it has two swim focused strength and core strengthening sessions. I am having lots of fun and am already seeing results. After taking about three weeks off of running longer than 4 miles I ramped up to 17 run mile weeks without any issue. WOOT!


Finish Patriot faster than in 2011. Hoping to podium!
Podium Cranberry-I'll be happy with either one but ELATED if I podium with both.
Finish the season healthy and faster than I did in 2016.

Here's to a great season!