Friday, October 24, 2014

annnd that is a wrap ladies and gentleman

2014 Racing season is done. Did it ever really begin? Compared to the last 7 years the answer is no, however; this wise now slightly aged womyn says yes.

2014 started with a goal of doing my first 30 mile running race and several shorter triathlons. Some where in January I hurt my foot. I am still not 100% sure what I did but it was some sort of stress reaction that led to posterior tib tendonitis. I kinda ran, swam, biked, and kinda strength trained. I was pretty bummed that I was unable to run the way I wanted to. Instead of being smart I tried pushing through it. I did bike more and tried swimming. I had a very hard time getting into a new rythm with the new move, new location, new commute, new humans, and new mammals. NEW EVERTYTHING. For this creature of habit it was a learning curve. I finally got into a rythm and stopped sulking about not being able to run in late July. I started strength training, biking, and swimming more. Stopped running more than one mile. Took off my running hat and put on my PT hat. I now have a pair of ALINE orthotics for work and run. I am now able to run about 4 painfree miles and can even do short (2ish) back to back!

Races this season:
Groton Road Race 5k 26:45 22/102.
Pilgrimman Oly Tri relay with Becky.
Groton Trail Race 3.4 miles 35.48 47/83

In the last 60 days I have felt stronger than I have all season. I feel that I am finally in a routine. I am feeling confident that I will be in a good position to race next season. I have made myself a return to run program and a core strengthening program to get stronger! I think a big part of my foot issue stemmed from weak hips, abs, and back (what we in the PT world call core). Over the winter I will gain stability and work on slowly building my running base back. I hope to do some cross country skiing and snowshoeing to work on cardio in ways that are not biking and running.

I want to come back on fire next season. If I am smart and deligent I can do it. The 2014 season is done shortly after it started.

Things I accomplished:
I moved out of JP into Ayer with my amazing girlfriend with our little family. Into a house with a garage (bike storage!), a basement (PAINCAVE!), and a yard.
I continue to LOVE my job.
I remembered why I love triathlon so so much and how much I adore racing with Team EnVision
I learned to really ride a mountain bike. I am by no means amazing but I can do it and I don't totally freak out.
I did my first trail race.

This season did not turn out as I had planned but that is OK. Next up Turkey Trot!

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