Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mojo back

It's late December, the days are short, cold, and dreary. But I have a lofty goal a little more than 7 months from now. It's getting me outside and pushing me past any seasonal affect that my creep up. I roll out of bed by 5:30 even on my early days to jump in the pool, gym, or run before work.

This past week I got my mojo back. I feel like my tri legs and arms are coming back slowly. My endurance is returning and I am feeling stronger already. I swam 2400 yards last week, a new distance for me. The best part is that I was not insanely tired after. I've been holding myself back on bike and run, waiting until that time to bump up intensity and miles.

I look forward to the open road on my bike and sneakers, nothing between me and freedom but what my body will allow. M body seems to respond well to everything that I ask it to do. I love that with each season (thus far) I seem to bounce back faster and end up stronger. I hope this will continue into 2011 and help me drive to Vineman. Until warmer days...I hit the trainer and spin bike.

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