Sunday, March 20, 2011


Last week I became the proud owner of a Trek Speed Concept 7.0. I spent a little under $3,000 total including pedals and a fitting. The scrimping and saving over the last year is already worth every penny.

I have put about 100 miles on Speedy Gonzales (yup I named my bike) and I love her. I already love this bike more than I should love an object! I accelerate quickly and stop on a dime. She is light and fast, shifts like butter on a knife, and corners beautifully. Most importantly I now own and ride a bike that fits me perfectly. I will be spending 80-90% (maybe more) of my time riding and racing down in the aero bars. The shifters are on the aeros, as is standard for a time trial/triathlon bike. It presents a challenge to ride and shift in a new position. One that I greet with glee.

Friday New England had a taste of 60-70 degree weather and I was lucky enough to have the day off. I jumped on the opportunity to do my brick that day! I was scheduled for a 2 hour ride, but could have ridden for 6 hours! The day was windy, sunny, and warm. I headed out to one of my favorite routes in Needham and Dover. Thirty minutes into the ride my legs came alive, happy to be riding in warm weather. I went down in the aero's despite passing cars. I found a fun new road to ride on with little traffic and false flats. I started taking risks and being more ballsy. I spent much of the ride in the aero's and rode fast for an early season ride and a new bike. By the end of the ride I felt 80% comfortable on Speedy. I estimate that in two weeks Speedy and I will be one. And I will be fast. Faster that I have ever been. I spent 10 years riding on a bike that was too large for and fared well. I am excited to see how I will improve on a great bike.

Today's long run was awesome. I ran nearly 9 miles in 72 minutes. My lofty goal of complete the marathon portion in 4 hours may actually happen. Over the last few weeks I've been reminded why I train for and complete triathlons. I've entered a new level of training and racing. And I enter it with zeal. Bring it!!!

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