Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kristi the swimmer.???wHAT?

Something mighty happened tonight. I hopped in the pool at 7:00 pm after being up since 5:23, working 8 INSANE hours, a heavy lifting w/o and 30 min run, refueling no nap. My body immediately responded. I was streamlined and powerful. I am not sure that I was super fast, but not slow and efficient! We swam 2700 yards and much of it was IM. I even swam butterfly fairly well! huh. I felt like I could have swam more...maybe the full 2.4 miles. Our last two sets consisted of 12-50's with first 25 sprint second 25 recover. I was able to push myself to the point of muscle fatigue for most of the 12. Last set included hard-strong kick. I had enough humph to really push.

Dare I say it I am becoming a swimmer. I even smiled while in the pool.

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