Saturday, December 3, 2011

Grumblings of an injury.....

During RTB this year I tweaked my R hip. This was the first time I had an injury since early January this year. (Apart from throwing out my SI joint after Vineman). I was incredibly lucky that I made it thru my season without a serious injury. I was smart and listened to my body. I did adequate strength training. The hip was intermittently sore this fall. I continued to run and focused more on strengthening, thinking I'd maybe developed a muscle imbalance. A few weeks ago it go so bad that I worried I had a labral tear. I had gone on a long bike ride and then ran a lot. I woke up Friday with proximal aching in my hip. A few weeks have passed. I have had some DTM and focused on strengthening, decreased my running mileage and intensity. My good friend Erica evaluated my hip, she is a PT. Her diagnosis: glut max weakness causing my femoral head to sit too far forward. WOOO HOOO!! This can be easily corrected! More importantly it does not involve surgery. There were a few weeks that I was convinced that I would not be training and racing next year. Though this would not be the end of triathlon for me or even a serious bump in the road, I was fairly freaked out. Triathlon has become a lifestyle to me, not just a hobby. I socialize through my swims, rides, and runs. A circle of my friends are triathletes. I am happier because I am a triathlete. In the big scheme of things an injury is miniscule. People are living without jobs, homes, or healthcare. People are dying and living in terrible conditions. But in my little world this would be big. There is still a small chance that I will not be up to par next year. But things are looking good. I ran three times this week. And a fixable diagnosis is likely. Glut therex here I come!

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