Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lake Placid Ironman 2013

Well, its official: I am doing LPIM July 28, 2013! I am spending the remainder of my season staying fit and trying to get a little bit faster. The goal will be to improve my ironman time to 12:15 (maybe sub 12...I'll take 11:59:59!). This maybe a very lofty goal, but by now you all know how I roll. This year I will also properly recover: one full week off then a gradual return to non-triathlon activity. Official training will start in November. I am going to make huge attempts to continue with yoga throughout training. I am joining Cambridge Masters to further whip my swimming butt in shape (yikes!!!). I am excited as Lake Placid is so close to home increasing the chance of my very own cheering squad. AND I know 2-3 people who are racing. woo hoo Until then I enjoy the rest of the summer and fall.

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