Sunday, April 14, 2013

step by step, stroke by stroke I am getting stronger and faster

Today is April 14, 2013. Less than two months til Quassy 70.3 and 3.5 months til IMLP. My work outs are getting longer, bricks have started, long endurance swims have started, and I am up to 16 miles on the run. I am feeling incremental changes in my speed and strength each week.

SWIM: This week I swam 50 minutes without stopping after a 300 yd warm up. I swam 2600 yds and averaged 1:54 min/100 yd. This is not crazy fast but is 8 sec faster pace than last week. My goal is to swim the 2.4 in 1:15 hours or faster. This means decreasing my avg pace/100 yd to 1:46 or below. I think I can do this, but it will take some work. I felt stronger and smoother this week than last.

BIKE: Spring is finally springing and I've been out on the bike four times. For the first time last week I rode on my own post-concussion inducing accident. It was windy and cold and I was terrified. I kept my focus and kept breathing until I relaxed. I managed to find my confidence and get into aero a few times IN THE WIND! By the end of the 46 mile ride my mojo was 75% back. The rest returned on my two rides this weekend. If I can ride in that wind I can ride in anything!! It is amazing how much that accident rattled my nerves and confidence on the bike. I am averaging 16 mph. This is crazy slow for me, but its April and it has been crazy windy and cold!

RUN: This week I will do a 16 mile run. Last week I avg a little over a 9 min/mile for the 14. I am hoping to do the marathon in sub 9's. This week I felt stronger on my run and worked hard to have a negative split. I achieved this. It's amazing what a little water and Clif Shot will do.

Nutrition: I am not drinking enough on the bike. I did better today, but only had two bottles and did not have my wallet with me. stupid. I am also not eating enough. I did not feel hungry. I felt dehydrated towards the end and low on energy. Will has given me a very clear nutrition plan, but I did not follow it close enough. I must be better at this next week. I have also switched to Bonk Breakers and I am wondering if they are not giving me enough accessible energy. I will try again next week making sure to consume enough calories, then make changes as needed; consulting with Will of course.

Recovery I am foam olling and using The Stick like its going out of style. I stretch. For the first time I did fire cupping after my brick last weekend. I actually think it helped with recovery!! It was really intense, however, we did it a few hours after I finished. I think we need to try in a bit later this time. I am not working full time which is glorious for recovery! So many naps.

All in all things are going well. I am dating an amazing womyn. She gets my triathlon addiction and supports in every way possible. I am one lucky lady. I am working again, about 30 hours per week. I had an interview last week that looks quite promising! I am pleased with my progressions. Super duper crazy happy.

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