Sunday, February 11, 2018

First ever 40 day running streak

Inspired by several friends and triathlon acquaintances I decided to embark upon a running streak in January. My body was feeling good in late fall-early winter. I am feeling the way I did heading into 2011 and Vineman 140.6. My body is responding to the stresses I am putting it through, getting stronger, faster, and building endurance. So what the hell....I jumped into it.

I ran at least a mile every day from Dec 25 through February 1. I did miss one day because I strained something in my back (lats...parapspinals...both) while putting up metal roofing. This is the longest running streak ever for me. Prior to this I don't think that I ran more than 3 or 4 days in a row. By the time I ended my streak I was ready to be done! I ran in rain, snow, blizzards, several below zero days, wind chills in the -20 range, mostly dark, with my puppy, with friends, and by my lonesome. I learned that I can run 40 days in a row. I learned that even on days when I didn't think that I could run; I did and I did it well! When you run in wind chill -22 degrees; 10 degrees doesn't feel so cold and 32 degrees feels warm! I haven't ran since Feb 1 so I will be very interested to see what happens when I get out there next week! I am looking forward to lacing up my Newton's and playing on the road!

Willow and I have started running together! We're up to 1.5 miles at a pretty decent pace! I have to hold him back a bit. He's a bit too young to run fast and long distance. This week we'll start to do a long run-walk interval style. It's a whole different experience running with a dog. He's good company and will likely keep me at a decent pace.

For the past nine days I've been doing the Tour of Sufflandria with the online biking app, Sufflandria. I have LOVED it! It was tough riding several days in a row. Today I rode for 2 1/2 hours. I did cut today short, three hours felt a bit too much of a stretch (I probably could have done it!). I also skipped yesterday, too many commitments. I plan to do Day 8 at some point this week. But riding seven days in a row, taking a day off, and then doing a long ride definitely ramped up by bike fitness VERY fast. According to my speed sensor I am riding at a steady pace averaging around 16 or 17 mph. If I start outdoor riding at that pace I'd be very happy. I hope to be around 18-19 this year. Only time will tell....

Now I jump into Endurance Nation Run Durability Out Season plan for the next several weeks. If the past six weeks are any indication; this is going to be a kick ass season. I am going to need bike endurance, climbing endurance, run endurance, and a whole lot of badassness to finish Ironman Canada! I feel it rising in me. And that my friends is a good sign.

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