Sunday, June 12, 2011

What a difference a year makes

One year ago I had just finished my second 70.3, Mooseman 2010. I was terrified the week before the race. Terrified that the mountain of a bike course would be my demise. The day came and it was monsoon like weather. Turns out I race pretty damn well in that weather. I improved my time despite a significantly more difficult bike course. The distance was still daunting. It was not until I finished Timberman 70.3 feeling that with a little more training I could do a full. The ironman bug had been planted. And it had bloomed.

Next week I will complete my fourth 70.3 distance race. I am looking at it as a time trial or sorts and just another training day! I am excited to test myself. Don't get me wrong-70.3 is still a long distance to race. I am not taking it lightly. But I am not scared. I know I can complete it and perhaps do well. We shall see! Goals: under 40 min swim(35 min??), under 3 hour ride, under 2 hour run (1:45??).

On Friday I did a mini race simulation: 1 mile swim, 20.15 (60 min) ride; 7.22 mile run (30 min). I was very pleased with how I felt on all legs, especially the swim. I started off really fast on the bike (over 20 mph), but slowed to 19. My legs felt great on the run. Both bike and run were hilly and I was able to surge up those hills. I have been pleased in training with how my legs feel after hilly rides. In my short bricks I've been running sub-8 min miles. I don't expect to run that pace in either race, but hope for sub 8:30's in my half.

The key will be to start off slow on all three. I have to remember that! Surge at the end Kristi. My game plan is a bit different for the half vs full (duh).

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