Tuesday, December 18, 2012

In the fall of 2010 I embarked on my first 140.6 race. At the time I had never swam more than 1.2 miles, ran two marathons, and done several long distance rides. Never completed a race longer than 70.3 miles. At the time I pretty much hated lap swimming. I did not know how to do the butterfly and could barely swim backstroke. When I swam 2000 yards in one workout I got pretty excited.

Fast forward two years.

I am an Iron(wo)man, two more 70.3's done, sub 4-hr marathon, a handful of swimming races, and o yea...I LOVE to swim.

I am over a month post bike accident. It appears I have made it through without any lasting issues. Knee pain is almost gone and only residual muscle issues in my left sub-scap (serratus?!). I am regularly swimming 2500-3300 yards at swim practice and for the first time ever swam 3800 yards of stroke. WOWZA My swimming has made leaps and bounds in the last three years. And I hope it is going to make drastic improvements in the next 7 months. Today I average 1:50 on my 200's without trying too much.

Today will be a good test as swam this am and will do a 6 mile run early afternoon.

2012 has been a rough year. Work uncertainty has left me with dents in my self esteem that not even triathlon could fix. Having triathlon and all it encompasses allowed me to ride that road and emerge stronger. I will begin a new full time job Jan 7 that is geographically closer and significantly more financially stable. My armor is whole again and my confidence is on the incline again.

I am excited about my future. I am excited for 2013 triathlon season. Excited to push past what I think are my limits. To discover new things about myself.

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