Friday, July 22, 2011

7 days!

In just 7 days I will be (with any hope) sound asleep dreaming of SWIM BIKE RUN IRON(wo)MAN!

Feeling awesome after week of good workouts. Its been hotter than a biscuit, as my mother is so fond of sayinng, in good ole Boston. I've managed to get some good rides in on my road bike. Today I sucked it up and did an indoor workout: 105 on spin bike and 30 on treadmill. It was 106 degrees and humid, so I think I made the right decision.

I picked up my pair of Newton distance shoes today. They are basically the same shoe I've been running in but lighter and with slightly less support. No worries on the support as I have orthotics! I ran in them today and they felt great! And they're yellow, orange, and green. Awesome!

It amazes me how calm I am feeling. I feel confident that I can do that swim in the Russian River. I will be so excited to be done with the swim. Its the thing I am most worried about, but also confident that I can do it. Then its just a fun 112 mile ride on my little speedy in Sonoma Valley with 900 friends! O and then there's a marathon. pshaw I can do that. hee hee Maybe the heat is getting to me.

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