Thursday, July 28, 2011


As I sat in Logan airport on Wednesday evening my heart started racing both in excitement and anxiety. I have dreamed of this trip for months...even years really. Finally I am in a place financially, emotionally, and physically where it can be realized. The plane ride was long, but transitions (HA!) seamless. SFO is amazingly easy to navigate. With my GPS and Toyota Corolla and all my gear I headed north to Guerneville at 1:15 am; having only slept a few hours since 8 am Boston time. I was riding on nothin' but adrenaline. The ride went fast and I crashed as soon as my head hit the pillow. I love everything about this part of CA thus far. People are nice, friendly, helpful. It's gorgeous. I can see myself living here in the not too distant future.

For the first time in my life people are identifying me as an athlete and a triathlete. It is certainly a big ego boost to know that all my hard work is actually showing on my little body. There may always be a tiny voice that remembers being called "fat" for so many years. Take that boys! There are times that I walk by a mirror and do not recognize myself.

As the day wore on yesterday I got a bit more nervous. After seeing the swim venue I became slightly less anxious about that aspect. The river is calm
and super shallow. I did see a giant snake yesterday, however. I suppose all the athletes will scare all wildlife away that day! The question remains how I will feel towards the end. Will I have a PR marathon? Will my body fall apart after 6 hours. People keep telling me to believe in my training. I do. I believe in the workouts that Megan gave me (damn lunges). I believe that I have prepared myself to go 140.6 miles tomorrow. I believe that I have trained my mind to keep going when my legs tell it to stop. But doubt remains and I suppose it will until I finish or at least I until I start the race!

Today was registration and expo day! So many athletes, so many fit people. So many expensive bikes and shoes!! I did 20 min of each sport with some pickup. It felt great to workout today. I met some cool folks at the expo and made a few new friends. Turns out most of us are pretty nervous. There are a lot of newbie iron-people at the race.

During the info video my stomach flipped and I cried a little. I felt anxious for the next few hours. But after some texting with friends and a good ride (and a samich) I felt good. Excited and nervous, but more calm. I am here because I LOVE triathlon and I LOVE challenging myself. I LOVE adventure. Part of the thrill of doing it is that it IS hard and there is question of success. Tomorrow will be a workout, be it a long one, with 1000 of my friends in beautiful Sonoma. One stroke at a time, one breath at time, one pedal stroke at a time, one step at a time. One mile at a time. Here goes nuthin'...............

GEAR: TYR carbon 6" tri shorts, vomax TE tri top, garmin forerunner 305
2XU sleeveless wetsuit, TYR googles
TREK Speed Concept 7.0, Bontrager wheels, SRAM, SIDI T2
Newton Distance with green yanx
Powerbar, Clif Shots, Hammer Endurolytes, Gatorade Pro

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