Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Three days and counting!

Today vacation officially started after a not so grueling day at the clinic. I am feeling rested and ready to go! I am more than excited to get to CA and surround myself with triathlon energy and like minded folks.

I am feeling a bit sad that I will not be surround by my friends and family during the race. But it has become abundantly clear in the last week that I will have SO many people cheering me from New England. Case in point: A patient who was a triathlete in the late 70's and 80's and who has been following my training for a long time gave me a hug today and said "Kristi, you are already an ironwoman. Go get em out there kid (he calls everyone kid). Good luck.". I got a little teary eyed, I will not lie

Because I won't have the physical presence of folks in CA I will, instead, carry with me a: diamond earring of my sister's, a Pandora charm of my mother's and an Aquarius symbol from my Grammy Davis around my neck, and a bit of Puerto Rico sand in my shirt pocket. As well as a Red Sox hat in my bag from poppa Paradis. I have collected numerous signatures from friends and family on a piece of fabric that will be worn on my race belt during the ride/run. Should I need inspiration I will grasp any or all of these objects. You are all in my head in and in my heart. It is because of all of you that I am able to train and compete. You have trained, sweated, and shivered with me. And for that friends and family I thank you. I will take all of those moments with me. Lastly, I know that I will also draw from my fellow competitors and spectators!!

9 months ago I signed up for Vineman 2011. I have logged hours and hours on a trainer, run through a crazy winter, swam countless laps, learned the butterfly (WHAT!?), learned to swim more efficiently and a tad faster, awoke at 4 am for workouts, worked out through lunch, and after 10 hour work days. My friends have seen me, at times only when there was food involved. I have eaten who knows how many bars, banana's, oatmeal, PB n J samiches, and burritos. Miles logged. Brain trained. Ready or not here I come Vineman. I will return from CA a different person no matter what happens there. Next update: Guerneville, CA!

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