Sunday, July 17, 2011

T minus two weeks.

The past week has been a flurry of emotions. I started the week off on a high from my fantastic half iron + race simulation (thanx Becky H and Mona M. for the company) and my great time in Sandwich with friends (thanx Cindy, Rachel, Kevin, and Caitlin!). Tuesday Boston was hit with the dreaded triple threat to athletes: Hazy, Hot, and Humid. Being the iron(wo)man to be that I am I did my brick workout as prescribed but dialed back on intensity. I managed a good bike ride and time, but experienced what I think was heat exhaustion on the run. After stopping at an intersection I felt dizzy and was forced to hold on to a wall! After a brief rest I ran home, mostly downhill at this point. I actually felt pretty good for those last few miles, especially after dosing my head in a water fountain!

It took me nearly two days to recover! I felt that I had to do the workout to get the feeling of w/o in that combination come race day. I know that I will hydrate and fuel better and not have worked an 8 hour day. I also will NOT have had so many cups of coffee. I struggled through my workouts mentally or physically on Thur and Friday. We had a tough week at work and my head was just not in the tri game towards the end of week. It helped that the weather was PHENOMENAL those days. I was at the very least happy to be outside. I just could not get that umph and push from my riding and running. However, after a good nights sleep on Sat I had a great morning pool swim and a great afternoon warm brick. My legs felt springy and alive, my mind alert, and my emotions tapped into Vineman. I've never felt better on a 75 min (woo!) run post 37 mile ride. Today I swam 75 min in Walden Pond. I stopped briefly (15-90 sec)4 times. My stroke and pull were on. I was streamlined and sighting nearly perfectly. My kick was even good! I felt like a real swimmer! I think I swam between 1.8 and 2 miles. WOOT. I ended feeling like I could do the remainder of an ironman. Good thing: CAUSE THE RACE IS IN 13 DAYS!!

The taper has begun, but my workouts are pretty short for the remainder of the time. I do some intensity stuff that final week but for short intervals. The miles, intensity, yards, and hours have been logged. The mental work done, well almost...that will continue until the end. The hardwork is done. Its time to have fun and enjoy the last few weeks and then finally race day.

I dropped off Speedy at Landry's Bike for shipping after that stellar workout. I am a bit nervous about THAT whole process. I will be happy when Speedy is in my presence again. I will have to do the remainder of my w/o on my road bike or a spin bike.

It's official people, I am going to Cali! I am feeling more ready that I have for Vineman. I am sure that I will have more doubts as the day approaches. But I will remember this moment when those doubts arise. I can't wait to step off the plan in San Fran, to see my coach and friend Megan Lynch, to check into my little home away from home in Guerneville, to attend all the pre-race activities, for race day, and for all the post-race fun in CA. Bring it!!

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